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‘’I feel like my business has turned a corner with Sheree’s help and guidance’’
Struggling alone is hard, when you’re building a business. I can share with you, It doesn’t need to be that way. My community coaching membership is just what you need to support you in making leads, sales and income from the work you love to do.
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The Brilliant Female Entrepreneur Society


It’s designed for you to succeed in your own way in your own time, to help you take the exact steps you need to have the business you desire. Sign up today for only £49 p/m !

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I’m so excited you are here and ready to commit to your best future vision and that you are ready to step it up. You are ready to fully create and sustain the sales and business success you want, at the right level for you!

That’s right, every journey is different and I will support you on yours, every step of the way.

I’ve been planning this for a while and thought carefully about what you really need and want, and you’ll get exactly that in my brand new coaching membership community.

When you sign up for the annual founder plan you have access for life to all the resources that I put into this community.

As a valued Brilliance member your rate is locked in at £49.00

Immediately you will receive access to the library of monthly sales and marketing mastery masterclasses and workbooks and our Linked in challenges

Plus our amazing expert community which I’d love you to become a part of

Your Brilliance membership currently includes:

ONE monthly easy to digest 45 minute masterclass with slide deck for those who want it.

One monthly group coaching session on zoom.

One workbook a month to keep on track

Discounts to any of my future courses not included in the membership.

Plus this IS INCLUDED in the annual membership subscription, if you sign up for 12 months and pay for just 10:

 Gain access to my brand new group Steps to Sales Success Accelerator sprint (value £297)

There will never be more than 100 members in the community so I can make a difference for each of you that commits to trusting me.

Ready to sign up now to be one of my Brilliance members ?

THE one big difference with this membership is implementation and you only get that with coaching support and a smaller group!

Taking consistent action & IMPLEMENTATION is the key to success. I believe in keeping things simple and simplifying things for you to take action on.

Your annual membership will be the pathway to your business success

✓ Develop and hone your Authentic Selling Style the secret to your confident sales success

✓ Prepare your business model blueprint

✓ Clearly identify your ideal clients

✓ Get attention build your audience and find your tribe

✓ Uncover your hidden potential

✓ Learn the principles of sales and buyer psychology

✓ Create your compelling offers with me aligned to your ideal clients and signature strengths

✓ Define your signature programme and product ‘line’

✓ Map out 90 day plans and your Sales strategy

✓ Prepare your business model blueprint

✓ Get your sales process nailed

✓ Start building your sales pipeline and process with purpose

✓ Get more clients, sales and income consistently

Then come on in and let’s DO THIS!

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Sign up monthly: £49

Sign up for 1 year: £490 – 2 months free! Access The Steps to Sales Success Accelerator System 

Yearly £490.00 a year

Monthly £49.00 a month

Yearly £490.00 a year

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    Sheree Owen Sales Strategist

    The thing I like best about Sheree’s Brilliant Female Entrepreneur Society membership created by Sheree that is professional, calm and friendly.  Sheree’s experience and knowledge is incredible and she is able to direct this experience to each of us at a personal level.  She helps to carry each of us on our own journeys into the world of marketing but at the same time collectively provides us all with the skills and knowledge we need to market out businesses. I love having the collection of women from different backgrounds, all struggling with the sales & marketing mindset as I am.  I love the support within the group and questions that arise from different people can also relate to yourself. Sheree has given me so much clarity in my marketing strategy, pricing and placement of service packages which has given me the confidence I needed to secure new clients.

    About you and me

    I’m chief sales coach and strategist over in the Brilliant Female Entrepreneur Society Membership and it’s my passion to help those business owners and entrepreneurs who want to be successful doing the work they love, to sell authentically and build a genuinely successful and sustainable business.

    Something that you can be proud of that lights you up.

    So why did you start your business? What is it that lights you up and makes you keep going even when it is tough.

    Why I started my current business, after my corporate sales career, was to share my 20+ years of sales and business experience with small business owners like you so that you could learn to sell without feeling pushy, and have sales conversations that you feel good about having. That resonate and feel good, your clients get to hear the real you not some dodgy sales script. There is a whole load more to building a business and in the society you get everything you need, with the emphasis always on sales, you see with no sales you have no business. Fact.

    In the 18 months since I created this business I’ve pretty much been spending my days supporting small business owners and coaches through my offline & online programmes including “Steps to Sales Success Accelerator’’ 1 to 1 programme, VIP sales mastermind and Power 90 sessions. All of these provided access to my in depth sales coaching and business analysis to set clients up for sales and business success. However I know that not everyone can afford this level of investment so decided to set this really affordable way up to help those committed business owners and coaches get the support they need for an affordable monthly fee. (Rather than a bigger sum that may seem like too much of a commitment right now)

    That’s why I created the Brilliant Female Entrepreneur society – at a price that’s totally affordable for someone who is established but stuck or struggling in their current business with a tight budget or brand new to business, with a strict budget but need for support.

    If this sounds like it’s just what you need right now to get the support, every month to keep you on track, learn and grow within a lovely community then I invite you to join as one of my founders her with a locked in rate for life- Sheree